Era of Simplicity

Hey guys… Sometimes I wonder in life that how easy and comfortable my parents’ and grandparents’ life was when they were growing up. There was no hassle or a tension filled environment at all.  When I ask ammamma( maternal grandma) to tell her childhood stories and how she has such  a huge family and all of them share such a strong bond with each other, that sometimes I wonder how that kind of strong bond is somewhere lost between my cousins and other relations today.

According to me, one of the main reasons is the extent of  growth in the world of technology. This one thing has made my generation to be so self absorbed and so unknown to the reality of life that people are becoming distant from each other. Relationships are becoming weaker and the attachment between two or more persons is reducing.

The ‘era of simplicity’ as I call it, has ended long back. There was a time when people did not care how they looked or get influenced by somebody to be like them. The world did not run on a fast pace and no one was in a hurry to achieve something. But now things are so different. People are always on their feet trying to achieve their targets and reach the unknown.

Back in the day people never used to wonder as to what the other person wore or rate them accordingly to that. Now there are airport looks and red carpet looks god knows what else!!  People have become so self conscious now they go into a state of madness if they don’t dress well or look appealing. I mean come on yaar!! At the end of the day, who is actually interested in you?

Guys please live for yourself and be satisfied for yourself and then live for others. LIVE LIFE KING SIZE!!!!

The New Me…

Hi all. This is the first time I am putting on my thinking cap and exploring my creative side. Till now I have been stuck on a very boring lifestyle and daily routine. So I felt that I should try out something new and do something different. the ideas and opinions that I will share with all of you is part of me. So I hope all of you who read my content really like my stuff and inspire me with your words.  So here I go!!